I have never, ever, been so moved by an artist as Bruce Springsteen. From the very first time I saw him on the stage at the Forum in Los Angeles, to several concerts through the years, he has never failed to grab me, hold me, and soar above any expectations. I’ve never felt love of an artist on such a grand scale. He is everyone with an explosive need, the voice of the common man in a suburban poet, he is the crowd… This video is a trimmed down version of one of the most sexy songs ever written. Sung by this writer, the Boss, the delivery is exquisite in it’s intimacy. – Liz Miller

abito kocca estate 2017
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iz has released two independent cds. The first is a hilarious, poignant musical review for new mothers called Baby Fantasy. The second cd, There and Back, is martini music for the new millennium, a jazz/ pop fusion of new lounge.


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