If you should find yourself here then that probably means I’ve contacted you about submitting a video.  If you’re at all fuzzy about the concept of the site then here’s the quick pitch that states the basic premise:

“Great Music Blog is a place where music lovers can go to find inspiration through amazing music.”

The idea is simple. One great live music video every weekday. Any artist, any genre, anything goes. Videos will be chosen by musicians, bloggers, music industry pros and other selected guests. Each are asked one question: What inspires you?”

So basically you pick a live music video on youtube that you think is awesome and I post it on the site under your name.  You get a banner (620×70) or text link to your website or any site you’d like to promote right above the video (I can make the banner for you if you like).  The goal is to create a kick-ass site where music fans can find incredible and inspiring music submitted by a diverse group of interesting people.

Abiti a righe a fascia All I need from you is:

  1. The URL of the video you choose on Youtube
  2. A banner or URL for the site you’d like to promote
  3. A little blurb about the video (anywhere between one sentence and a full paragraph)

I’ll take care of the rest.  You can submit the info in the form at the bottom of this page.

You’ll get a little profile below the video which I’ll just snag from your Twitter or Facebook page (let me know if you’d like to use a different bio or photo than what you’ve got on either of those sites).

Here’s an example of what the post would look like:

There are only 3 rules:

  1. No self promotion – it can’t be a video of an act you’re involved with
  2. It has to be a live video
  3. It has to meet your standards of greatness

I’m looking for videos with a lot of vibe.  It shouldn’t just be an arbitrary video of a great song or artist.  The music and performance should really shine through.  Also, please make sure that volume of the video is on par with the rest of the videos on the site.  If it stands out because of low volume and visitors have to make adjustments to hear it properly then it will be disruptive to their experience on the site.

One important note:  some videos have embedding disabled.  This means we can’t post it on the site.  If you click on the ’embed’ button right below the video on youtube it will tell you if embedding is disabled.  If it pops open and gives you a code then you know it’s good to go.

Give me a call (323-456-6361) or shoot me an email if you have any questions.

Thank You!!

– Scott

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